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OM Australian Labradoodles Welcomes You With Open Paws


About Us

Knowledgeable. Responsible. Passionate.

Having grown up with dogs all my life, I was also very fortunate to have learned, first-hand, the art of breeding from my father. He was a very successful breeder of German Shepherds who contributed greatly to the refinement of the breed.

Currently, my family and I are devoted to breeding for better and better Australian Labradoodles. We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to acquire time-tested and proven bloodlines for our breeding program. We live in Spring Hill, Florida which is about 30 minutes north of Tampa. Professionally, my wife and I are Acupuncture Physicians and have a very successful practice in Wesley Chapel. My wife, currently, is busy taking care of our 3 kids and is the foundation for the family.

Our philosophy is very simple: breed quality puppies by utilizing health and genetic testings and proven personality/temperament tests and produce puppies at the level of quality that we would want to keep for ourselves. And, to always treat others with kindness and respect. We know deep down in our hearts that if we follow these 2 aspects, the rest will fall into place.

We would like to help you experience this amazing breed and why we have fallen in love with Australian Labradoodles. We sincerely hope to help you find your next pup and best friend.  


Country Prema OM

Intuitive. Connected. Elegant.

Born on July 30, 2017 and with a pedigree filled with some of the most important Australian Labradoodles in the history of the breed, Prema is genetically-infused with the desirable traits of this breed. 

Prema is easily one of the very best dogs we've ever had the opportunity to live with. Her level of intuition is so high that it's scary sometimes, lol! Even though she's always around, her ability to read a situation allows is what allows her to adjust and know just how much space to give you. She is ever-loving and very compassionate. Looking into her eyes is akin to looking into the eyes of a deep and wise soul. 

Her line is known for health, longevity, and most importantly, the magnificent personality of Australian Labradoodles. 




We have known Dr. Chu and his family for over 10 years and we can attest to their integrity and complete dedication to putting the "Golden Rule" into practice. If you are considering their breeding program for your next furry friend, rest assured that you have found some trustworthy people.

Taylor Family


We have been fortunate enough to have met the Chu family. Our first meeting was quite comical and I, literally, was rescued by Dr. Ryan from stepping into a BIG pothole. Dr Ryan and Dr Jia have helped my husband and I in many ways over the years that we would highly recommend them to anyone. We are grateful to know them! Now, we are much more than friends. We consider each other family.

Anushka Patel


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